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Our Boston Star nautical desk light features a turn of the century brass compass once belonging to an old east coast schooner, combining classic industrial maritime design with contemporary creature comfort features.  Such as 2 USB charging stations and 2 electrical outlets incorporated into the construction of the box.  Lid opens and locks to serve as a storage compartment.  A dimmer dial switch to highlight the beauty of your Edison bulbs.  Beautifully constructed to last forever.

Boston Star Nautical Light

SKU: LDW-0001
    • Brass Fittings
    • 2 USB Charging Stations
    • 2 Electrical outlets
    • Red Oak Box construction
    • Fabric Covered Italian wiring
    • Edison light bulbs
    • Dimmer Switch
    • Vintage Brass Gauge, Amperage Meters and Fuse Holder. (Esthetic purpose only.)
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